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Get your own personalized pet page by joining PetConnect today!

We have partnered with PetPro Connect in order to give you and your pet an even better experience. Sometimes you are far from home and need information on your pet or vaccination history, what are you going to do? If you are planning to travel with your nervous pet and would you not rather chat to your trusted vet if your fur-baby needs medical attention?

Well this is where PetPro Connect comes in.


PetPro Connect allows you to have:

-Instant access to your pet’s medical history

-Quick and easy messaging with your vet

-Simple appointment scheduling

-Automated product rebates



So why don't you go on over to the App store or Play store and download the app and check it out yourself. Visit for further details. Connect to Fremont Veterinary Hospital like never before!

Call us with any questions you have or e-mail us at to join PetPro Connect

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