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New Puppy/Kitten and Obesiety Awareness Month


During the month of January, all new puppies and kittens receive 20% off their combination vaccines


Please call for an appointment to avoid a wait.

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20% Off New Puppy/Kitten Vaccines

Pet Remembrance Tree

If you had an ornament made during the month of December, please don't forget to pick up your handmade ornaments to take home and cherish during the month of January.

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Excessive weight is very hard on joints and predisposes animals to osteoarthritis. Excessive body weight is commonly associated with endocrine disease such as diabetes, Cushing's disease, and hypothyroidism. It can affect the respiratory system and lead to heart disease. The widespread inflammation from obesity has also been linked to the development of some forms of cancers. This is all very serious and scary for many pet owners. If you're unsure on how to combat your pet's obesity, schedule a weight loss consultation today.

Obesiety Awareness Month